What jobs are Yoder Laser Concrete specializing in?

Being in construction now for 15+ years we typically pour 10,000 sq ft to 40,000 sq ft per day. Last week we poured 40,000 sq ft a day in Cincinnati Ohio. We also pour Wal-Mart floors.

The largest commercial school was 500,000 sq ft, this was a 2 year project. Most of the schools we are working on now are only about 100,000 sq ft each.

We can do footers and slabs, but most contractors prep the slabs and have them ready for us to pour. We then pour, finish, seal and saw cut.

We follow these contractors all over Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Indiana. If you have a lot of slabs coming up, we make special combo packages with large sq footage jobs. Any large concrete pad works with the latest 3D laser screed SXPS240 and S100 laser screeds making it faster, and flatter.

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