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Specializing in commercial, industrial and agricultural concrete work. In the past 15 years, we have provided concrete services to Walmart, Sam’s Clubs, Wayne Dalton Door Manufacturing, parking lots, mining manufacturing warehouses, a 3 story and 10 acre high school two year project, oil and gas pads.

If you are looking for a quality concrete pour, we are all about getting your job done right the first time. We can save you time and money with our newest laser screed technology and riding power trowels. If you are looking for quality FF and FL numbers on floors, give us a call today to get your job on the schedule.

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Yoder Laser Concrete Concrete Company / Concrete Contractor Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia specializing in large concrete pad, warehouse concrete, decorative concrete, stamped concrete, concrete driveways, concrete parking lot, concrete slab footers, concrete foundation footers, concrete retaining walls, concrete poured walls, and commercial, industrial and agricultural concrete work.


Stamped concrete also known as decorative concrete is a great way to have a durable, but cosmetically eye catching concrete driveway, patio, pool deck, steps, and more.

Stamped concrete can spruce up and property and provide not only usability but also a conversation piece.


Our concrete crew specializes in laser concrete, warehouse concrete, concrete parking lot, stamped concrete, large concrete pad, decorative concrete, concrete driveways, concrete slab footers, concrete foundation footers, concrete retaining walls, and concrete poured walls.


Concrete Slab Footers / Concrete Foundation Footers for concrete retaining walls and concrete poured walls are essential for overall support and strength.


A driveway is like a large welcome mat for your home. It’s the first thing people see when they visit.

The beauty of concrete can’t be paralleled, especially with some of decorative aspects such as staining and stamping.

We're Growing And Better Than Ever!

This fall, we have expanded our crew with several 25,000 square foot pours back to back using the s240 laser screed and ride-on power trowels. We are finishing up a 100 k warehouse in West Virginia and finishing footers in Akron Ohio, for a truck rental company. We can’t use the Laser screed and ride in trowels on some of our smaller jobs like a 50 x 70 steel building. That is why we like to bid on jobs bigger than 25,000 sqft. We can start a new project in 3 weeks; when you need a super nice floor poured if you have an awarded project. We do walls, footers, and floors.

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