We will offer a 20% discount if we can fit you in between our large pours!

With concrete season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment and re-introduce ourselves to you.

We are currently in the process of bidding on new projects, such as, warehouses, apartment buildings, schools, etc.

We will offer a 20% discount if we can fit you in between our large pours.
Yoder Laser Concrete has a very strict safety policy. We complete safety training for each project, utilizing all OSHA standards and also enforcing a drug free workplace.

Yoder Laser Concrete ensures that only the best workmanship, using highly skilled professionals with lifelong concrete experience and using the latest technology in laser screeds, riding power trowels and pans. Exceeding all FF and FL requirements that any architect or engineer can spec.

Q: Is your company more expensive than other companies using the more conventional methods?
A: No, in fact, most general contractors use us over and over because we can come in and pour about 3 times as much per day as the conventional method.

Therefore, the job is ahead of schedule and they save up to $100,000 on a 500,000 sq ft pour.

Some contractors prefer to prep their own slabs for our company to come in and place, finish, seal and saw-cut the floors. Many contractors want us to install, dig and pour footers and basically included the complete concrete package for the job.

Do less pours and no re-work! Laser screeds tend to be faster, flatter and take fewer pours!