Let us bid your next Ohio industrial concrete project!

Yoder Laser Concrete would be honored to have the opportunity to bid your next large concrete project in Ohio. As a leading Ohio industrial concrete contractor, we know that quality, time, and budget are very important to every project. With our extensive experience and top of the line equipment, such as our laser screed, power trowels, we can handle your project with ease. 

Do you have a project within Ohio such as Dayton Ohio, Toledo Ohio, Columbus Ohio, or elsewhere? We don’t mind traveling and will always place you as a priority. In the past 15 years, we have provided concrete services to Walmart, Sam’s Clubs, Wayne Dalton Door Manufacturing, parking lots, mining, manufacturers, warehouses, a 3 story and a 10 acre high school two year project, plus oil and gas pads.

With our laser screed we are able to pour more concrete with precision than most, which means a quality, on budget, and on time job completion for your project. Our finished floor for example will be well leveled and smooth, performed by our laser guided machine and finished by our powered trowel machine. With the cost of petroleum rising, concrete is the solution because of the life span between the two being 5-10 years for asphalt versus 10-20 years for concrete.

Yoder Laser Concrete is committed to quality services and customer satisfaction, and to an affordable price from start to finish. We want your business and we want you to be our customer. Now and for the future!