Concrete Touches Everybody’s Lives

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Concrete Touches Everybody’s Lives

This isn’t a fancy industry, but like one of our speakers said, ‘concrete touches everybody’s lives,’” said Bill Gleason during a concrete seminar offered at Bisett Building Center in Bradford on Tuesday. Gleason, vice president of operations at Bisett, offered the comments while contractors and business people from the area took a break in a […]


FOR BEST QUALITY, LOW PRICE LAST MINUTE CONCRETE SLAB, STAMPED PATIO, ETC! We have a couple open days next week that we can pour your flat concrete whether it be: -stamped concrete -driveway -patio -agriculture slab -warehouse If you need a last minute crew to come and do a quality job at an affordable price […]

2 Day Pool Project by Yoder Laser Concrete

Concrete project this week, in between anchor jobs! This pool was a 2 day project for Yoder Laser Concrete. Call us for your next detailed project. Get great quality at an affordable price!

Large Square Footage Concrete Jobs

We are busy all over, especially in the greater Columbus area. We have a couple 70,000-80,000 sqft schools, and a 80,000 sqft hardware in Cincinnati. We also have some other miscellaneous projects beginning to fill up our books for the year. We are still looking for a couple large square footage projects (100,000-500,000sqft). We are […]

Ready For Your Concrete Project

Our Laser Screed, Riding Power Trowels, and Crew is fired up and ready to save you $$$ on your large concrete slabs. Whether it is a warehouse, parking lot, ag slab, or school project. We want to help you. We have jobs in Columbus, Indiana, and Grove City. Jobs range from 3 schools, VA hospital, […]

What jobs are Yoder Laser Concrete specializing in?

Being in construction now for 15+ years we typically pour 10,000 sq ft to 40,000 sq ft per day. Last week we poured 40,000 sq ft a day in Cincinnati Ohio. We also pour Wal-Mart floors. The largest commercial school was 500,000 sq ft, this was a 2 year project. Most of the schools we […]

Do you need a Concrete Contractor?

Do you need a Concrete Contractor? With over 20 years experience Yoder Laser Concrete has the expertise to accurately bid on your next project! Contact us or request a free quote today!

Now Scheduling Spring Work!

We’re looking for spring work! Large warehouse pours are our specialty! We can pour up to 600 yards of concrete per day! We have a Somero Laser Screed that assists in getting the flatness your customers need. We’re currently working on a 252,000 sq ft warehouse in Kenton, OH If you have projects you’ve been […]

We will offer a 20% discount if we can fit you in between our large pours!

With concrete season in full swing, we wanted to take a moment and re-introduce ourselves to you. We are currently in the process of bidding on new projects, such as, warehouses, apartment buildings, schools, etc. We will offer a 20% discount if we can fit you in between our large pours. Yoder Laser Concrete has […]

Concrete vs. Shotcrete, What’s the Difference?

Concrete is truly a versatile building material. Concretes in use today are formulated with very specific performance characteristics in mind and include lightweight, heavyweight, porous, fiber-reinforced, mass, high-performance and cellular concretes to name just a few. Each provides specific characteristics or properties for their intended use. These properties are achieved by intentional formulation and control […]

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